Our Group of Companies
& Customers

CRP Group is an international company which provides quality solutions in the field of contamination control. We work with a number of associate companies as strategic partners. We use our combined skill sets to present our client companies with contamination control programmes that are innovative as well as cost-effective and highly results-oriented. Our group of companies are:-



A leading manufacturer of UDF, PDF, PDB, MCR, BSL, PDC systems, and HEPA & ULPA filters.



Konkan has been set up to manufacture thermal brake with cold bridge free AHUs, Pre-fabricated modular partitioning paneling & ceiling.

Our Esteemed International Customers

  • M/s. Strides Arcolab Ltd., Brazil, Venezuela
  • M/s. Enaleni Pharmaceuticals, Durban, South Africa
  • M/s. Square Pharma, Bangladesh
  • M/s. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Morocco, Austria & Paris
  • M/s. Opsonin Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh
  • M/s. Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Syria
  • M/s. Al-Ashkar Pharmaceuticals,Syria
  • M/s. MontaJet Vet Mfg Co., Saudi Arabia
  • M/s. Resmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd., England & SouthAfrica
  • M/s.Quest Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Nepal
  • M/s. MedPharma, Sharjah, UAE
  • M/s. Cipla Medpro, SouthAfrica
  • M/s. Bristol Laboratories-Luton,UK
  • M/s. Neo Pharma-Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • M/s. Agary Pharma Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria
  • M/s. Novast Laboratories Ltd-Nantong, China

Our Esteemed Indigenous Customers


  • M/s.Strides Arcolab Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s. Sandoz Limited, Mumbai
  • M/s. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., for their various units in India.
  • M/s. Lupin Ltd., for their various units in India
  • M/s. Astra Zeneca Pharma India Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s. Dr.Reddy Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad, Goa, Baddi, Yanam, Vizag
  • M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.Wockhardt Ltd., Mumbai, Aurangabad
  • M/s.Nicholas Piramal Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.Brown & Burk Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s.Cipla Ltd., Mumbai
  • M/s.Jubliant Orgonasys Ltd., Delhi
  • M/s. Apotex Research Centre, Bangalore
  • M/s.Hikal Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s.Himalaya Drugs Bangalore
  • M/s.Eisai Pharmatechnolgy & Mfg. Pvt. Ltd- Vishakapatnam-AP
  • M/s.Mission Pharma-Indore-MP
  • M/s.Glenmark Generics-Thane,Maharashtra
  • M/s.Aristo Pharmaceuticals – Baddi& Mandideep
  • M/s.Nectar Life Sciences-Chandigarh
  • M/s.VHB Life Sciences-Mumbai
  • M/s.Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals-Hyderabad
  • M/s.Rexam (France) Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s.Sanmar Specialities Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s.Nirma Life Sciences-Ahmebdabad
  • M/s.Gland Pharma-Hyderabad
  • M/s.Granules India Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Vysali Pharmaceuticals-Kochi
  • M/s.Sance Pharmaceuticals-Pala
  • M/s.Natco Pharma-Hyderabad
  • M/s.Bafna Pharmaceuticals-Chennai
  • M/s.Arya Vaidya Pharmacy-Palghat
  • M/s.Aurigene Discovery-Bangalore
  • M/s.Lakshmi Technologies-Coimbatore
  • M/s.Zyduss Cadila Health Care-Ahmedabad
  • M/s.Arvind Remedies Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.Capiln Point Laboratories Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.3M India Ltd., Pune
  • M/s.Sovereign Pharma Ltd., Daman
  • M/s.Granules Omnichem P.Ltd., Vishakapatnam
  • M/s.Agappe Diagnostics Ltd., Kochi
  • M/s.Surya Pharmaceuticals Jammu
  • M/s.Suven Life Sciences-Hyderabad
  • M/s.Hospira Health Care-Chennai, Vishakapatnam
  • M/s.Novartis Enterprises Ltd., Mumbai
  • M/s. Pfizer Limited, Mumbai
  • M/s.Glaxo Smith kline Ltd., for their various units in India.
  • M/s. E-Merck Ltd., Mumbai
  • M/s.AnkurDrugs-Baddi-HP
  • M/s.Star Drugs & Research Labs-Hosur, Tamilnadu
  • M/s.Intas BioPharma Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • M/s.Kemwell Group of Companies-Bangalore


  • M/s.Biocon India Ltd., Bangalore
  • M/s.Symettrix Biotech,Chandigarh
  • M/s.Unichem Laboratories-Baddi
  • M/s.Biological E Ltd., Hyderabad, Rudrapur
  • M/s.Bharat Biotech India Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Syngene Biotech-Bangalore
  • M/s.EID Parry India Ltd.,Chennai
  • M/s.Shahsun Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.IPCA Laboratories-Kandla,Gujarat


  • M/s.HLL Life Care Ltd., for Pasteur Institute of India Coonoor
  • M/s.Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC),Mumbai
  • M/s.APIIC -BITC, Genome Valley, Biotech Park, Hyderabad
  • M/s.ISRO, Bangalore, Sriharikota & Ahmedabad.
  • M/s.Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore, Ghaziabad & Pune
  • M/s.IIT  Delhi, Chennai &Powai
  • M/s.DLRL-Hyderabad
  • M/s.ECIL-Hyderabad
  • M/s.ITI-Bangalore
  • M/s.IIT-Chennai & Powai
  • M/s.BDL Bhanur-AP
  • M/s.LPSC-Mahendragiri
  • M/s.CCE R&D-Hyderabad
  • M/s.VBRI-Hyderabad
  • M/s.Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,Kalavoor, Kerala
  • M/s.Kinfra- Kalamassery, Kerala
  • M/s.HLL Life Care-Thiruvananthapuram
  • M/s.Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Kolkatta
  • M/s.Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory, Kochi
  • M/s.VSSC-Thiruvananthapuram

Electronics Sector

  • M/s.IJL-Chennai
  • M/s.Nova Electromagnetic Ltd., Chennai
  • M/s.Finolex Ltd., Pune
  • M/s.Siemens India-Bangalore

Healthcare Sector

  • M/s.Gunasheela Hospital, Bangalore
  • M/s.NIMS-Hyderabad

Power Sector

  • M/s.Tata Power Ltd., Bangalore

Food & Beverages Sector

  • M/s.Hindustan CocaCoala Ltd., Bangalore, Siliguri

Our International Vendors

  • M/S. Lydall, France & USA
  • M/S. Trox, M/S. Channel Systems & M/S.Trocelen-Malaysia
  • M/S. Climaveneta- Italy
  • M/S. Metone Inc., Usa
  • M/S. Air Techniques, USA,
  • M/S. Dwyer Inc., Usa
  • M/S. Testo Instruments, Germany
  • M/S. Toshiba, Japan
  • M/S. Carryair, USA
  • M/S. Clean Rooms International, USA
  • M/S. Mcquay, USA
  • M/S. Dunham Bush, USA
  • M/S. Seksui Pilon Pte Ltd., Australia
  • M/S. Camfil, Singapore
  • M/S. Honri(suzhou) Airclean Technology Co., Ltd, China
  • M/S. EMW-Germany
  • M/S. Trane, Usa

Our Associated International Consultants

  • M/s.Simon Carves, UK
  • M/s.Pharma Plan, Germany
  • M/s.Jacobs H&G,Delhi
  • M/s.Mot McDonald, Mumbai
  • M/s.Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.,Mumbai
  • M/s.CSV Life Sciences, Milano, Italy
  • M/s.KNEXIR Consultants, Mumbai
  • M/s.BARC-Mumbai
  • M/s.Knack Technocrats,Mumbai
  • M/s.Pharma Access-Mumbai
  • M/s.Pharmacon Inc., New Jersey
  • M/s.CTC Tech-London
  • M/s.Becker-Germany
  • M/s.Seemac-Hyderabad
  • M/s.PD & Associates-Ahmedabad
  • M/s.MJ Associates-Bangalore
  • M/s.NNE PharmaPlan-Bangalore
  • M/s.SNC Lavlin-Mumbai

Our Technology Partner’s

  • NeoSilica

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